Creative mind never stops wandering

Today is a new day, new hopes, dreams, beginnings. I was on a tour of Germany a few years ago and I overheard a gentleman at the same hotel saying ‘if you wake each morning and can sit up at the side of the bed with your senses then you are truly blessed to be able to start a brand new day.’ I often think about that when life gets me down. Simple things we take got granted each day but can help us be more mindful.

So February is nearly over which means a brand new season hopefully…..I’ve used new and hopefully, I am trying.

I have a huge passion for creating and designing pieces of jewellery using precious metals. I feel blessed to be able to wake each day with my senses and be able to use the skills I’ve acquired to keep my passion alive.

If you don’t know me personally my first love is travel, travel to countries rich In history and culture and with amazing incredible people. I don’t travel for a holiday, I go because I love to wander or to coin a phrase ‘take the road less travelled’. So my creative mind has started to wander, think I need to find myself again after so much heartache and grief this last two years. So maybe it’s watching a stunning sunset or on a dusty trail trekking in a far off country feeling thankful I have those luxury items back home which again we take for granted……wherever I end up I will always feel blessed to wake up another day and enjoy being able to see, hear, think, smell and create many memories to treasure.

I might not be able to share my dreams and adventures with my dad anymore but I can take him along with me in my heart.

So keep following as this creative daydreamer is going to dust off her trekking shoes…..never lose your sense of wander or adventure.


I am back!

Well this does seem strange, I haven’t been in blog land since May 2014. I have been feeling very reflective since the New Year started and thought blogging would help me release some thoughts and feelings and share my passion with fellow crafters and followers.

A lot has happened since I started writing in 2013. Firstly, my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive Cancer and following a horrendous treatment plan he passed away in hospital following surgery April 2014. A huge light went out in my life that day, and although I have been plodding along still doing the things I always did, like taking in a show or city break or dining with friends and of course silversmith. There is always an emptiness inside, everyone has said how well I am doing when in fact I am an absolute mess. But hey ho, I’ve got this wonderful hobby/passion to keep me sane.

My dad helped me start my silversmith back in 2009 and I just love spending hours at my workbench and now it makes me feel close to him as I know he would be smiling at everything I create……my biggest supporter from afar!

So now we have started 2015 I plan to write my troubles away and share with you some pictures of my adventures, designs and basically how I keep going with this huge dad shaped hole in my heart. The light may never go back on but I can learn through time to create my own light.

I am taking up waking again, after reading ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed I realised how walking can help your mind, body and soul. Hope to also start healthy eating after the Christmas indulgence and of course my silversmith.

Keep following it hopefully will inspire you all.

Susie C.

Oh it’s been a while…..

Hello everyone,

I have decided to start up the blog again and share my love of design and all things precious.

Since my last post I have got my Hallmark and went to Goldsmiths Hall in London on a new members tour. This was very enjoyable and professional.

I also went back to my Uni evening class and met lots of lovely talented and friendly people.

Over the next few days I will update the blog with pics of my progress.

Now I have to go walk a Marathon on Monday for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Catch you all later
Susie Silver

Another break away – LONDON!!

Good afternoon,

Just looked and it is about 2 weeks since I last sat down to write my blog.  It was a busy few weeks spent with family and friends and also promoting my Facebook page which has grown so much.

I also spent a lovely few nights in London with my mum, fine dining at Piccolino Heddon St.  Gorgeous Italian food and wine in great surroundings and with fab company.  I visit London 4-5 times a year and it was the first ever day of heavy rainstorms and winds.  We sheltered in the W Hotel Leicester Square, which was AMAZING and a must for all, it was fashionable, quirky and fascinating…..forgot I was actually in Leicester Square!!! Then spent the evening in the Hotel lounge, Grosvenor Hotel Buckingham Palace Road.  Our second day stayed warm and sunny until mid afternoon and then late evening it was very warm.

My favourite areas are Carnaby St, Covent Garden, South Bank and Camden in summertime.  I just loose myself in London and never tire of it.  I shall leave you with this, 

‘when a man is tired of London he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford’ – Samuel Johnson.


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All inspired!

Hi All,

I haven’t been on here for a few weeks as life seemed to get in the way! But after a few days in LONDON I am all inspired to get designing and a few pieces ready for the Christmas period coming up.

Lots of lovely colours about the High Street and Boutiques which I really want to integrate into my designs.  I will be making a few project boards for my pieces.

Look forward to sharing and in the meantime follow me on Facebook, link on my blog page!

Inspired by Susie C!

What a week!


I haven’t been in the workshop all week, feel like all life has been zapped from me!!  I went back to the day job for a few weeks, got to pay for my expensive silversmith addiction!!!!

On a happier note, I am off to University in a few weeks to start a full time Masters in Education and Teaching English……..exciting and daunting times ahead!  Will probably be like a complete fish out of water!

So, in terms of starting my new collection, I will most certainly be busy creating in my spare time!  Might end up writing about soldering techniques instead of learning styles and theories.

Looking forward to Bank Holiday weekend, and hope to get my Rose Quartz pendant finished.

Anyway, will update my blog with silversmith pieces and progression very soon!

Did I mention I am reading another Rachel Joyce book, after the Harold Fry book……it is called Perfect, so far I am LOVING it!!

Night all.


A bit quiet!


I have been a bit quiet since Saturday! Bought some new silver solder paste and busy tying lots of new designs!  Loving the paste and will be very useful for small jobs.  I have decided to stick with traditional methods for rings and larger pieces, as you can control the solder as it melts!

I will put some pictures up of my new pieces using the solder paste!  Back to the day job on Wednesday, I have had a brilliant month off!! Oh and look forward to London over the bank holiday weekend……third time this year, love that city!

So, I will be back later to show a few pictures of my latest creations………..